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The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is a private university founded in 1909 that trains young and mid-career women and men for leading positions in both the private and public sectors. About 2,000 students are registered in programs at various levels. SSE research programs rank among the best in the world in areas such as Economics and Finance. SSE has international presence in Riga and St. Petersburg/Moscow and has research representation in Beijing, Tokyo and Helsinki.

SSE is renowned for its academic excellence and SSE alumni hold leading positions at universities, government agencies, NGO:s, trade unions, banks and in industry all over the world.

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Stockholm School of Economics
P.O. Box 6501
Stockholm, SE- 113 83

  • (+46) 8-736-9000
  • (+46) 8-31-8186
  • email


Stockholm School of Economics
Box 6501
Stockholm, 113 83

  • +46 8 736 90 00
  • +46 8-31 81 86
  • email

Fields of Specialization

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Business and Economics is a two year program (120 ECTS credits) open for students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and/or Economics. Students choose between five specializations; Accounting & Financial Management, Economics, Finance, Management and Organization, or Marketing & Media Management. Within their specialization, students write a master’s thesis worth 30 ECTS credits.

The M.Sc. in General Management is intended for students who have earned bachelor’s degrees in subjects other than Business or Economics. There is increasing demand for professionals whose education combines advanced business studies with another field such as political science, law, medicine, or journalism.

Joint Degrees

SSE has extensive student exchange programs with leading institutions worldwide but does not currently offer joint degrees.

Core Courses

Students in all programs are offered rigorous training in economics and business fundamentals, specializations may include courses in:

- International Economics
- Banking and Financial Intermediation
- International Financial Management
- Corporate Social Responsibility

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