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The School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University was founded in 1994 as the first training center for professionals of international relations. The first master program at the School began two years later, seeking to prepare students for a career in international affairs by providing a good command of history, political science, law and economy, as well as a proficiency in a variety of special subjects.

The two-year MA in International Relations is designed to develop a new generation of leaders who want to combine a traditional knowledge of international relations with specific and profound understanding of both Russian domestic and foreign affairs. Graduates of this program are international affairs professionals who will pursue careers in diplomacy, public service, international organizations, and academic institutions. The MA Program provides students with the range of skills necessary for understanding the critical issues related to international security, including the Russian perspective in world politics.

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School of International Relations
St. Petersburg State University
1/3, Entrance 8
Smolnogo St.
St. Petersburg, 191060

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Degree Requirements

Bachelor in International Relations - 4 years

  • Please visit website for further information.

Bachelor in Area Studies - 4 years

  • Please visit website for further information.

Master of Arts in International Relations - 2 years

  • 120 credit hours, equaling four semesters of full-time enrollment.
  • Nine core courses.
  • Internship at a state organization, local government, research center, or private company.
  • Thesis.

Master of Arts in Area Studies - 2 years

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Fields of Specialization

All programs are interdisciplinary. The MA in International Relations is taught entirely in English. The instruction language for other programs is mostly Russian, except for the "New Independent States" program, which is taught in English.


Courses in the MA in International Relations cover a variety of urgent issues in contemporary international affairs. The Program offers more than 50 disciplines from which to specialize. They have functional, policy, and regional concentrations. Most of them include an aspect dealing with Russian foreign policy. The following courses are among the most popular electives:

  1. Energy Dimension of World Politics
  2. Russia and European Integration
  3. Russia-US Relations
  4. Russia and the East
  5. Russia and the Caucasus
  6. Russia�s Energy Policy
  7. Russia�s Environmental Policy
  8. Ethnic and Confessional Conflicts: Humanitarian Dimensions

Joint Degrees

The School has launched an experimental five-year bachelor's program in cooperation with the School of Mathematics called "Applied Computer Science in the field of International Relations".

Core Courses

Master of Arts in International Relations

  1. Colloquium on Scholarly Literature in the field of International Relations
  2. International Organizations and Global Governance
  3. International Security
  4. History and Research Methods in the field of International and Area Studies
  5. Research Seminar
  6. Theories of International Relations
  7. International Political Economy
  8. Russia in the Global World
  9. Russian Identity

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